Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Enrolling your kid in a Flemish school in Brussels

Finding a school in Brussels is always a challenge (unless you are an expat and can afford to enroll them into one of the international schools). Flemish schools have a somewhat higher reputation in terms of quality than the French-speaking schools, so they tend to fill up faster. Also, there are much less Flemish schools in Brussels, so that adds to the challenge of finding a good one that is not too far away from your house.

Since my husband is Flemish and both kids are being brought up billingual Spanish-Flemish (picking up some French along the way) we have chosen the Flemish-speking education system for both. Baby Pingu goes to a Flemish creche and Bibu goes to a Flemish "basisschool" (kindergarden and primary school). We recently learnt that brothers or sisters of pupils at Flemish-speaking schools born in 2012 had priority to be enrolled at the same school as their big siblings for the school year 2014-2015, provided they became enrolled until Friday 15th November 2013 (end of this week)

There is a website (also evailable in French and English) that explains the whole procedure -also if your kid has no bigger brothers or sisters- on how to enroll him or her to the school year 2014-2015. I have no clue if anything like this exists in the French-speaking education system in Brussels. I could only find this website which provides more info.

One word to the wise, hurry up!


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