Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tried and tested: cute labels for your kid's stuff

Baby Pingu recently started going to daycare, in view to my imminent return to the office world. At Belgium's childcare centres, they typically provide the nappies and meals and you need to foresee to provide the formula, bottles, extra sets of clothes, pacifiers, creams for nappy rash, etc, all dutifully labelled with your bundle of joy's name.

In the past, I've resorted to just writing into the labels of the garment in question and sticking a regular paper label onto the bottles. Regardless to say, the process needs to be repeated rather often, as the labels peel off after a couple of washes and the "permanent" markers are not so permanent after all.

I was therefore looking for a more lasting solution. I had seen nice plastic labels, some with cute designs, on the clothes and items of Bibu's friends, but never found out a place to it. That is until a few weeks ago, when one of my friends showed me her kid's labels from Lovely Labels and told me it was super easy to order them online.

Source: homepage Lovelylabels

I went to their website and ordered the "paquet combiné", which consists of a combo of labels for textile, two different sizes of plastic labels and a luggage tag for your kid's school bag for about 20 EUR. You can choose the font, colour and a variety of cute designs (you can also choose not to have any design) and pick one of a several designs for the luggage tag. I ordered the textile labels and the big plastic labels for Bibu and the small labels for baby Pingu, which are more handy for example to stick to his pacifier (just about the perfect size). They also make custom ID bracelets -which can come in handy on holidays-, and round and special shape labels.

I made the order on a Sunday evening and by Tuesday morning the pack had arrived. The items arrived as I had ordered them, so no nasty surprises. So far I have used the plastic labels on a number of items but still have not tested the textile ones, although they look very pretty too.

I'll definitely re-order!

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