Saturday, 16 February 2013

Welcome to Brussels with Kids!

Good morning everyone!

This is the first ever post in the blog and I am very excited about it. I have been living in Brussels for over 10 years and, after having my two sons. I have quickly realised how little info there is out there to help new parents around in this big-small city that is Brussels. This I find quite baffling, but, hey, this is why I feel this blog is needed.

I am no native Brusselaar, though. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is far, far away. But I do know what moving around with small kids in a big city is like. Dealing with public transport and restaurants that not always care about their smallest customers are just a couple of the daily challenges that all parents must face , not to mention finding a restroom where both baby and parent can use when using a buggy (a tricky one ) or where, indeed to buy (or re-sell) that precious buggy that looks and costs just like a brand new car.

In this blog, I would like to share my personal views on places, things, activities and shops that cater to parents of young kids in Brussels. I want to stress it's my personal view and that by no means there will be "sponsored" posts or any such thing here. I will talk about what I see and what I have experienced first hand.

Reader's comments are very much welcome and I imagine there will be times when some will disagree with my opinion. After all, everyone experiences things in different ways. I will definitely encourage healthy debates and information sharing, as it's the best way of improving the info and getting an even better "Brussels with Kids".

Anyway, hope you find useful info here that will make your outings in the "heart of Europe" a bit more relaxed and fun. Enjoy the reading!

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